How Using 3 Men And A Truck Is Better Than 2 Men And A Truck

Moving can be a very stressful and expensive experience especially if you’ve not made the right decisions concerning the same. While you’re looking for removalists, you should consider many factors. After choosing a removal company, be clear in your communication about the number of men you need to get the job done.

For house or office removals, many people tend to choose either 3 men and a truck or 2 men and a truck. If you ask the experts, they would advise you to use 3 men and a truck rather than 2 men and a truck in case you’re looking forward to have a great service and save money at the same time. If you’re not yet convinced, then read along and find out why it’s better to go for 3 men and a truck over 2 men and a truck.

Less time

Whether you have large or small move, 3 men and a truck will take less time to load your items into the truck and in the same way, they will take less time offloading them into your new home as compared to when they’re only two men. In case the removalists you book charges you per hour, you’ll pay more if only two men are doing the job as compared to when three men were to do the same job. So, 3 men and a truck is the best way to go because you’ll pay for fewer hours and in that way, you save a great amount of dollars.

Possibility of damages

It’s advisable that you choose 3 men and a truck because chances are high that two removal men will work even up to the night time when unloading and they may get so tired than if they were three. In that way, possibility of damages may go higher than if you had used 3 removal men. In short, three men will do a nice job and you won’t spend extra cash repairing for damages or buying new items.

Large and larger moves

If you have a 4 bedroom house or larger than that, three removal men would work more efficiently as compared to two removal men. If they’re three, the loader will be inside the truck as the other two men take goods out of the truck. In the end, this method will save you in terms of your overall spending as compared to if you only had two men. Again, they won’t take much time as two removal men would have.

Settlement times

In case you’ll have an early settlement, then it’s advisable that you use three removal men instead of two. In that way, you’ll be able to meet your exit time without delay. Therefore, you should look for a removal company that offers three men removal.

Upright piano

As you know, pianos are not only heavy but they have two handles at the back and also require some twisting and turning to pass through the door. It’s almost impossible to do that without a third removal man and that’s why for efficiency, you must use three men removal when you’re moving. Remember that efficiency does save not only time but also money. The better option therefore is to consider hiring a removalist that will provide you with at least 3 men and a truck.

How Choosing A Professional Removal Company Can Make A Big Difference

Customer Service

When deciding on a right removalist to hire it is important to choose a company that provides you with a friendly service. If their service is friendly and they are able to understand your apprehensions then your furniture and other valuables are in good hands. However, there have been instances where some removal companies and their clients do not communicate properly and the eventual result is lost and damaged items. Therefore, it is important to go for a removal company which offers great customer service and friendly staff.

Personal Attention

Moving all your items to a new place is difficult. You are not just moving items but also memories. It may be possible for you to buy new items but sometimes the loss from the damaged items is irreplaceable. You might be moving an old piano or a precious table or cutlery passed you to by your ancestors or something that you might have bought on your holiday. The emotions associated with these things can be overwhelming. Therefore, it is important to hire a removal company that can provide you with a personalised service and can move your items with utmost care and love. Some people want the removal company to pack all their items in customised boxes for them and then take the items out of the boxes in their new house. If you want such a service then it is better to search for a removal company that can not only move your items but also pack them with care.

Timely pickup and delivery

When shifting to a new house, it is important to choose a removal company that picks up your items at the right time and makes sure that it gets to your destination on time. A good removal company will always plan ahead and will also know of alternate routes. If the removal truck does not pick the items on time then obviously it may not be delivered on time. You might have to wait for a long time for your items to reach your new home. Therefore, it is important to pick a removal company which has a good track record of picking and delivering items on time.

Planned routes

When choosing a removal company, it is important that you plan ahead for any delay in moving your items. There are many instances where there is heavy traffic on the roads that can delay the mover from reaching the destination at the time negotiated. This usually happens during the holiday seasons or even in winter months when there are disruptions or accidents and even road works. A good removalist will inform you of any delays that are likely to occur on the road. They will also give you transit details and any delays that can be planned before moving the items.